Muay Thai - Millennia Style

The Millennia Style of Muay Thai Kickboxing stems outside of traditional style Muay Thai. We incorporate boxing and Dutch Style kickboxing into our system. We also emphasize potential takedown defenses as well as using our striking to achieve takedowns. We incorporate more head movement and footwork, which is required in top level MMA competition.

It is a constant evolutionary process that has brought us to the pinnacle of Mixed Martial Arts. We are the only gym in the world that teaches this exact striking system today.


Millennia offers traditional boxing classes taught by professional boxers and fighters. These classes include combinations on the heavy bag, mitt work, footwork, head movement drills, cardio workouts, and sparring.

Striking Fundamentals

If you are new to striking, we offer fundamentals classes to start in. This class will cover the basics of boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. There is no live training in this class, so it is the perfect class for those who are worried about injury, but still want to learn and enjoy martial arts.



Millennia MMA Boxing